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Destination wedding vacations are great, and more and more Time share resorts are focusing on assuring owners and guests have the right options to choose from when considering Buying-Timeshares for that “special ceremony.”  Following are some options for destinations through Florida, the time share capital of the world.   

The Florida Keys have some amazing settings to consider; among these is the Key Largo Marriott Bay Resort Key Largo, which is nestled within 17 acres of lushly landscaped bay-front property. Most guest rooms and suites have private balconies and water views boasting of West Indies/Caribbean style décor.  Among some of the key amenities at the Resort are; a heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, private sunning beach, on-site dive shop, boutique day spa and fitness room.

The Melbourne area offers some of the most romantic-starry skies on Florida’s Space Coast, and the notable Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront Resort and Spa has some very attractive wedding packages and amenities to choose from.

There have been more than 1,000 couples who have tied the knot at Walt Disney World in Orlando since 1991.  In celebration of Walt Disney Wold’s 20th anniversary of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons program, Disney has announced special wedding packages called the Memories Collection. Couples are invited to wed or renew their vows at Walt Disney World Resort.  Locations includ; Conch Key Marina at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Narcoossee’s Landing at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Luau Beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, a lagoon-side resort

Do it in Aruba, Get Married and Buying-Timeshares that is…A true Romantic Paradise

Picture-perfect weather and outstanding resort services make Aruba a popular destination for weddings. The Aruba celebrations registry offers wedding guests multiple ways to pay for vacation expenses at a variety of price points, with options ranging from hotel stays to sunset sails and candle-lit dinners.  The Westin Resort & Casino suggests scheduling the special ceremony late in the afternoon so that the glorious sunset of Aruba can be included in the pre or post activities.

Top Timeshare Resort Resale Destinations for 2011

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The year 2011 is here and time share resort resale activity is booming.   In less than a month after travelers returned from Christmas and New Year vacations, the time share resale market activity is pointing us to some of the key destinations that are a must for 2011 travel and vacation plans.  Check the 10 destinations suggested below for your planned or un-planned time share vacation:

Maui, Hawaii

A prominent part of the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui tops the choice of leisure travelers in United States.  The island in the US state of Hawaii offers leisure and adventure travel experiences such as; whale watching, active volcano site seeing , snorkeling, water skiing, golf courses, cruises and many more authentic attractions. West and South Maui are supposedly the best tourism spots with west embracing shopping places, fine restaurants and resorts, while south woos with its miles of sandy beaches and underwater adventures. Maui’s major airport is Kahului Airport that connects to the major islands.  Check the time share resale market, for price and availability of time share resorts throughout the island. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii and has been featured in over seventy Hollywood films and is gaining popularity for its landscapes, valleys, beaches and many picturesque locations.  Some of the time share resorts here are of the utmost breathtaking and of absolute pure serenity; this is part of paradise.  

Big Island, Hawaii

The largest island in the United States, Big Island is also called the Island of Hawaii and is an volcano island, which attracts tourists to its magnificent aura and mystique.

New York, New York

New York City attracted almost 49-million tourists in 2010, about 7 percent up from 45.5 million the previous year. According to the city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg, last year’s figure firmly places the city on a pace to draw 50 million visitors in 2011. Some special attractions to consider that are special to the year 2011 are; The Statue of Liberty’s 125 birthday and the inauguration of the National September 11 Memorial devoted to the 9/11 tragedies…two events that are sure not to be missed.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley in California is noted for viticulture…the Valley has numerous wineries that attract over five million people every year; it could get you sideways, but a great choice amongst the time share resale market.   

Orlando, Florida

Home to Disney World and some of the worlds leading time share destinations!

Colorado Mountains

The Southwest region of Colorado, which has the dominating presence of mountains in throughout the United States, is blessed to receive early season snowfall every year, attracting skiers and snowboarders. The region that is home to the Rocky Mountains as well, is in abundance of ski resorts including; Monarch Mountain Resort, Durango Mountain Resort to name a few. Ranges such as Echo Mountain near the city of Denver are the most sought after areas for cheap skiing and snowboard activities in Colorado. Steamboat Springs, is an internationally known town for winter resort holidays, and happens to be the spot for many of the world’s professional and amateur skiing competitions.  This is a time share resale resort destination that has been resort options to choose.    

Las Vegas, Nevada

The popularity of Las Vegas as a major worldwide city notorious for gambling, casinos and night life is not unknown to most time share resort resale owners and renters.  The Las Vegas Strip, a stretch of Las Vegas Blvd., housing some of world’s major casinos, largest hotels, restaurants and the like will continue to embrace the city as one of the most popular time share resort destinations in the US and abroad. 

Miami South Beach, Florida

South Beach is a section of city on the Atlantic coast of Miami, Florida. Nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and the like keep time share and resort enthusiasts hooked to the place. Miami itself attracts over 12 million time share owners and renters every year. 

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge, China Town and cable cars have given fame to San Francisco, and as much the same to the city’s architecture, museums, and art and entertainment culture wooed tourists. The city is also a popular spot for gay tourism.

2011 is gearing up to be fantastic year for time share travel.  The time share resale market has a tremendous amount of resort selection, and time share prices are sure to be an advantage over the resorts direct.  If you are looking to sell or rent your time share the time share resale market reaches millions of targeted prospective buyers on a daily basis.  And if you are looking to buy or rent a time share destination at any of the above destinations, be sure to check the availability on the time share resale market.  Leaders such as and Vacation Property Resales can help.

Do You Really Need to the High-pressure Sales Presentation to Buy a Time share…NO, and Here is Why…

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I’ll speak from experience…it was one of those messages left on my voice mail that I would usually ignore; however the voice said, “This is not a sales call. You have entered a drawing and have been selected to win one of three prizes. This is time-sensitive. Please call back and claim your prize.”  I know full well that time share for sale by owner and time share rental by owner is a much more cost effective and easy-going process than attending some sales presentation, which has promised that I have won a prize, but come to find out I am only “eligible” to win a prize…ENTICEMENT!!!  What is this analogy I speak of; it is the very game that resorts play to get consumers to buy over-priced and over-promised time share units.  The individuals enticing you to attend the seminar promise it will last only an hour, 99.99% of the time these seminars stretch to 2 ½ hours plus.  At times the presentations feel like a religious revival. A representative corners you in one part of a large room and “every time one or another couple signs a contract, a guy with a microphone  announces it and everyone applauds.

Many consumers have fallen victim to the above scenario, after all curiosity is easy to pique. The question arises; is it worth it to attend these vacation club/time share pitches for the chance of a free trip or tickets to a theme park?  The answer…NO.  Are they scams or legitimate?  They are legitimate, but don’t break with the pressure, and here is why.  After I researched some of the units and resorts the “voicemail” was representing, I searched on and found a similar unit with the same company at one-third the price being offered at the seminar. 

The challenge time share consumers face are that there are no federal laws governing timeshare presentations, although individual states may have their own regulations. Much more of the problem is deception of what is being promised; such as a nice room in a nice hotel and ending up in one the size of a closet. Or you may have a view of a brick wall instead of the ocean view you were promised.  Because 3rd party sales agents are not allowed on the resorts to show a potential buyer the time share property, the most effective way to find a time share that meets your vacation requirements is on the world wide web via a for-sale-by-owner company such as; or vacationpropertyresales.  Agents at resale companies are trained on the proper legalities of time share ownership transfer, and those companies who are advanced in technology offer 3-D models and video tours of the resort free of charge.

There are many things to consider when buying or renting a timeshare; the vehicle which you use is just one of them.  Another thing to consider is what a vacation club is.  It sounds a lot like a timeshare,and according to the Federal Trade Commission, there is a difference. With a timeshare, you buy a specific unit at a specific time every year, and you can trade or sell it. With a vacation club or vacation interval option, a developer owns the resort, and each unit or condominium is divided into time intervals. You buy the right to use an interval at the resort for a certain number of years — typically 10 to 50 years. The specific condominium may not be the same each year. In both timeshares and vacation clubs, there is often an additional annual maintenance fee.

Buying a Time share…it’s as easy as Tomato in the Summer and Potato in the Winter

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Time share owners and renters at Resorts and hotels in the Sun Belt – South Florida, Arizona and Southern California likely don’t think much about the changing of the seasons. After all, it’s generally always warm and sunny. Time share buyers and renters must consider resort location, seasonal ownership, week availability and time share banking flexibility. Consider properties outside the Sun Belt, when the leaves change so do the activities. How easily a resort or hotel transitions from summer to winter can be the difference between a great time share experience and a mediocre vacation.

The Four Seasons Resort, Jackson Hole in Teton Village, Wyoming has the best of all worlds for time share owners and renters. The Jackson Hole resort is a 10-story lodge-style resort, featuring 106 guestrooms and 32 private residences; it transitions from a stunning summer destination near Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park during the spring and summer months to an equally stunning winter destination during fall and winter.

Time share renters and owners have said its “best of the best,” given the resort’s locale. The Snake River, whose headwaters begin in Yellowstone National Park, winds its’ way through Jackson Hole in the summer months – from July to the end of October, and it is not uncommon to see guests relaxing riverside fishing. “Early in the spring we’ll do more casting from the banks of the river as opposed to floating down the river because it’s cloudy and running so quickly that time of year…and in the spring we probably focus more on wildlife safaris. That’s when the young animals – like elk, bear, wolves and bison are being born.” said Kim Hoffman, Director of Marketing for The Four Seasons, Jackson Hole resort. Also, resorts and time shares that have multiple seasons, also have changing menus with the seasons.

“During the summer months we serve “Wyomatoes,” which are a Wyoming organic tomato…in the winter months, our guests, because they’re outdoors and in the cold and active, want to come in and have a hearty meal. That might be bison steak and heavy mashed potatoes. In the summer months they want something lighter because they’re trying to be more active outdoors,” said Hoffman.

Buying and renting time shares at resorts around the country and worldwide can be a daunting task, but don’t let the excitement of vacation and pure relaxation be spoiled because you can’t decide between tomato and potato.  Search for an ideal time share by your most important criteria at

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