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published on January 15th, 2011 in Buy a Time share, Rent a Time share, Timeshare Resales tagged , ,

Time share owners and renters at Resorts and hotels in the Sun Belt – South Florida, Arizona and Southern California likely don’t think much about the changing of the seasons. After all, it’s generally always warm and sunny. Time share buyers and renters must consider resort location, seasonal ownership, week availability and time share banking flexibility. Consider properties outside the Sun Belt, when the leaves change so do the activities. How easily a resort or hotel transitions from summer to winter can be the difference between a great time share experience and a mediocre vacation.

The Four Seasons Resort, Jackson Hole in Teton Village, Wyoming has the best of all worlds for time share owners and renters. The Jackson Hole resort is a 10-story lodge-style resort, featuring 106 guestrooms and 32 private residences; it transitions from a stunning summer destination near Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park during the spring and summer months to an equally stunning winter destination during fall and winter.

Time share renters and owners have said its “best of the best,” given the resort’s locale. The Snake River, whose headwaters begin in Yellowstone National Park, winds its’ way through Jackson Hole in the summer months – from July to the end of October, and it is not uncommon to see guests relaxing riverside fishing. “Early in the spring we’ll do more casting from the banks of the river as opposed to floating down the river because it’s cloudy and running so quickly that time of year…and in the spring we probably focus more on wildlife safaris. That’s when the young animals – like elk, bear, wolves and bison are being born.” said Kim Hoffman, Director of Marketing for The Four Seasons, Jackson Hole resort. Also, resorts and time shares that have multiple seasons, also have changing menus with the seasons.

“During the summer months we serve “Wyomatoes,” which are a Wyoming organic tomato…in the winter months, our guests, because they’re outdoors and in the cold and active, want to come in and have a hearty meal. That might be bison steak and heavy mashed potatoes. In the summer months they want something lighter because they’re trying to be more active outdoors,” said Hoffman.

Buying and renting time shares at resorts around the country and worldwide can be a daunting task, but don’t let the excitement of vacation and pure relaxation be spoiled because you can’t decide between tomato and potato.  Search for an ideal time share by your most important criteria at

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